Clicker Information

Clicker use officially started on Monday, Oct 8th.

The actual clicker questions can be found in each unit document (e.g. the "Unit: Neuron" link in the calendar)


You can see your clicker points in the Grades section of moodle. If you correctly answered questions in a class, you should see the number of correct responses appear under the corresponding date column (e.g. "10/5/12 Performance"). The value for "Clicker - Category Total" is your percentage for clicker performance across all classes.


All iClickers need to be registered online at the iClicker site (NOT on TED):

Register with your UCSD username (Example: jsmith), NOT NOT NOT with your ID (Example: do NOT use a01234567)

Unregistered Clickers

The following clickers have participated in class. However, these clickers were not properly registered and therefore could not be matched to a specific student yet.

If you participated but did not receive points under Grades in moodle, try to find your ID below. If you find it, please re-register using the instructions above.

List as of Oct 11th: