Online Neuroscience Courses

Michael Mann (U Nebraska), The Nervous System In Action (neurophysiology) - 19 chapter online text
Dorota Crawford (York University), Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience - 21 lecture course
Michael Gorman (UCSD), PSYC 106 Physiological Psychology - 9 lectures, exams, resources
McGill University - The Brain From Top To Bottom
U Wisconsin Neuroscience Resource Page (plus additional files here)

Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

Stanford lecture series - youtube playlist
Sequence of 27 full length lectures by Robert Sapolsky

Lecture 10. Introduction to Neuroscience 1 - taught by TA
Lecture 11. Introduction to Neuroscience 1 - taught by TA
Lecture 13.  Advanced Neurology and Endocrinology
Lecture 14. Limbic System
Lecture 23. Language
Lecture 24. Schizophrenia
Stress and Health: From Molecules to Societies


Clive Wearing (3 mins)
    Older version: part 1 (9 min), part 2 (9 min)
Alan Alda, Where in the brain are memories located? (5:30-6:48)
Alan Alda, Scientific America, "Don't Forget" -
    The videos have to be played through a cumbersome interface on
    Post-death news report, poor quality (youtube, 2 mins)
    Susan Corkin, anatomy presentation (6 mins)
    Brain Observatory (links, Scientia Nove & slicing video)
Bee's waggle dance (youtube, 1 min)
Morris Water Maze - York College CUNY (youtube, 1 min)

Executive Functions

Alan Alda, Scientific America, "Make Up Your Mind" (frontal lobe function) -


Alan Alda, Scientific America, "Changing Your Mind" -


Alan Alda, Scientific America, "Chimp Minds" -
Skinner box - (youtube, 1 min)
Classical Conditioning (youtube, 1:45)

Techniques & Technologies


Live EEG demonstration:


Neuroscience and the Emerging Mind: A Conversation with the Dalai Lama (youtube, 58 mins):

 Language and the Brain -BBC, 2004 (youtube, 15 mins):

Dan Rather Reports - Mind Science, Part 1 of 6 (youtube, part 1 is 10 mins)
Kandel, Neuroplasticity, buddhist monks, dalai lama

The Divided Brain (from RSA Animate youtube, 12 mins)



Broca's aphasia, 1950s, Wisconsin Physio Department (youtube, 2 mins)
Broca's aphasia,  18 year old in 2009 (youtube, 7 mins)
Wernicke's aphasia, 1950s, Wisconsin Physio Department (youtube, 4 mins)


Selective Attention Test - Basketball passes (youtube, 1 min)

Selective Attention: Door Study, Simons & Levin 1998 (youtube, 1 min)


Hubel & Wiesel, Visual cortex receptive fields (youtube, 9 mins)

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